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Natalie may have started her business in 2018, but the passion for photography that started this journey was born long before the photographer ever was.

Natalie Serwan

Lead Photographer

Natalie grew up a little bit of everywhere along the Mid-Atlantic region and has been a resident of Woodstown, New Jersey since 2011. She developed a love for photography from several professional and hobby photographers in her family. Starting in the 35mm film era and growing with the digital age, her journey with photography has evolved alongside the industry.

In March 2020, after several years of using her degree in photography to work for nationally recognized portrait & event photo companies, managing a local mall Santa set, and photographing events like the New York City Marathon, Natalie decided to pursue becoming a full-time business owner. After being laid-off during the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Natalie spent her time at home turning her side business into her dream, and when her maternity leave ended in October 2020, Natalie's dream was full steam ahead.

Now an award winning photographer and officially in business as a Limited Liability Company, Natalie insists that the old adage of "love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life" is absolutely true. Her photography is a work of love, and she spends every moment she has a camera in her hand with a smile on her face. It truly is the career she was made for.

Natalie Serwan sitting on a chair holding a rolleiflex camera her uncle passed down to her black and white photo

Photo Credit W. Cusick

Cece Cappello

Office Manager & Associate Photographer

Joining Natalie's side in 2022, Cece has been in and around the field of photography for much of her life as well. Cece's love for photography started at a young age when her uncle showed her some polaroid prints that had a funky kaleidoscope filter to them and from then she was hooked!

Cece and Natalie met through the local community and their kids' friendship with each other has brought these two strong-willed women together to form the ultimate woman-led creative team.

Cece's side-business Cece's Crafty Creations can be found here.

Christin Cappello standing in front of a brick wall while smiling and looking at the camera